Young Entrepreneur Judah Tyreman

At age 16, Judah Tyreman is already an experienced businessperson. Judah’s family is entrepreneurial, and he got an early start by setting up a lemonade stand in a farmers’ market that his mother organized. From this experience, Judah learned that he had the power to make money.

When he received a rock tumbler as a gift, he began collecting, polishing, and learning about gems. He created a summer display in a senior citizen’s centre and soon expanded into a rented space. After Judah was bequeathed a collection of minerals and gems, he named his museum the Sesula Mineral and Gem Museum in honour of his deceased friend. Judah’s museum is a hands-on educational facility listed with Tourism Saskatchewan and has become a field trip destination for students and teachers. Children can touch gems, ask questions, buy treasures, share ideas, and become inspired.

At the inaugural Get a Bigger Wagon Young Entrepreneur Awards (GABWYEA), Judah won a $1000 award for youth aged 13 to 15. Judah’s business has had its share of ups and downs, but he innovates his way through every challenge, often turning problems into opportunities. He has told his story in interviews for magazines, on radio, and television. While still fifteen, he published a book, available through Amazon, titled Reviving the Art of Innovation; Using your sense to make a dollar. 

Although Judah likes to treat himself to a Dr. Pepper regularly, he managed to save the down-payment on the mortgage for the building that houses his museum. After giving ten percent of his prize money from the GABWYEA to charity, he added the remainder to his building fund. Judah has exciting plans to use every inch of this space, including the attic and basement. 

He renovated the back section of his building, creating a rentable suite, which offsets the monthly payments on the building. During the COVID isolation, Judah finished the outside of the suite and even added a deck. He managed the home improvement project on a very tiny budget by pouring cement stones and repurposing lumber. 

We are sure that Judah is an entrepreneur for life. The best way to learn about him is to visit his museum in the town of Radisson. Alternatively, type his name into Google and spend some time reading. 

To learn more, watch the video of the inaugural Get a Bigger Wagon Young Entrepreneur Awards.  

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