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Meet Gord & Maureen Haddock, the passionate duo behind Get a Bigger Wagon. With a shared love for community and a dedication to fostering growth, they have created a platform that celebrates local stories, achievements, and connections.

Their mission is to inspire and uplift through engaging content, heartfelt stories, and a commitment to excellence. Discover how Gord and Maureen are making a positive impact and bringing people together one story at a time.

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From the Cookie Jar

From the Cookie Jar” is a  collection of vintage recipes, ideas, and personal memories from Maureen. It symbolizes a place for cherished memories and treasured items, much like how people used to keep special treats and keepsakes in actual cookie jar.

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Get An Even Bigger Wagon

Immerse yourself in the charm and nostalgia of Maureen Haddock’s writing, exploring themes of entrepreneurship, small-town life, and adventure in ‘Get a Bigger Wagon’ and ‘Get an Even Bigger Wagon’