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On January 6, 2017, author Maureen Haddock featured her third book, With Love, From Iraq in Bridges in The Star Phoenix, and in QC in The Leader Post. After a strong 2016, where the book enjoyed 18 consecutive weeks on the McNally Robinson Booksellers bestseller list, it reappeared for the first three weeks of January, and has appeared several times since. Maureen is grateful for this opportunity to reach new readers. 


With Love, From Iraq is a love story with a satisfying ending. It is the story of Saskatoon’s Wajid and Maysoon Toma, who faced dangerous circumstances while trying to leave Iraq. They owe their survival to their love for each other, their unwavering faith and hope, and Wajid’s trade as a hairstylist.

I met Wajid and Maysoon when I became a client at their salon, in 2007, soon after they purchased the business. I observed the loving glances between them. I heard snippets of their escape from Iraq at each visit. I watched their business grow, and become more beautiful, with each passing month. In late October of 2013, Maysoon, knowing I had written other books, asked me when I was going to start writing their story. We began a two and a half year journey, together, the very next day.

Maysoon and Wajid trusted me with their most intimate thoughts. While writing their story, we overcame our language differences by discussing, revising, clarifying, and occasionally melting into laughter. Over time, their knowledge of English increased dramatically. My listening skills also improved, allowing us to relate the story as they lived it.

This is a true story, written like a novel. It will appeal to people who enjoy romance, business, and adventure. I tell Wajid and Maysoon’s story, as they remember it, from the perspective of childhood and adolescence through to adulthood. It is an easy, uplifting read, even though Wajid and Maysoon had many harrowing experiences. One of the compliments I receive quite regularly is that people read this book, cover to cover, in one afternoon, always anxious to see what happens in the next chapter.

With Love, From Iraq is a celebration of what it means to be Canadian. Maysoon and Wajid are grateful to live in this beautiful country and are determined to contribute to Canada through their citizenship. The appendix of this book will make new and established Canadians smile. Wajid and Maysoon offer their own thoughts on becoming Canadian.

The book is available for $13.95 at Indigo, Coles, Chapters, McNally Robinson Booksellers, SaskMade Marketplace, and online. For more information visit With Love, From Iraq was on the bestseller list at McNally Robinson Booksellers in Saskatoon for 18 weeks, consecutively, and continues to reappear from time to time. Thank you Saskatchewan readers.

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