Second Printing for Get a Bigger Wagon

Author Maureen Haddock is pleased to announce that her first book, Get a Bigger Wagon, is being reprinted this month. The release of Get an Even Bigger Wagon, in late 2012, has increased sales for the first book, depleting stock. When Gord “the boy” Haddock was asked to comment on this development he said, “That’s exciting! We’re on the way to a Canadian bestseller. Next, we want to film a few of the stories.”

In the spring of this year, the Get a Bigger Wagon team was pleased to work with 2webdesign to create a new web site. Once the site was ready, Maureen launched From the Cookie Jar, her blog. Maureen believes that being part of the age-wave means wisdom has accumulated along with diverse experiences and skills. In her blog she shares ideas, memories, and recipes from her personal history and hopes readers sign up so they can leave comments from their perspective. They will also become eligible for prizes ranging from books to shoes.

Maureen will be making author visits this fall so keep checking for news at

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