NEYA Finalists’ Story Told in New Book

With Love, From Iraq: a true story of hope, perseverance, and becoming Canadian will be released in June of 2016, a perfect Canada Day read. Maysoon and Wajid are young entrepreneurs who immigrated to Canada in 2002. They have become happy, contributing Canadians, who raised their children in the family business. Author, Maureen Haddock, begins their story with their births in Baghdad, Iraq and tells of their meeting in 1992, their deep and growing love for each other, their escape to Turkey, and their engagement there. Caught and returned to Iraq, they were married in Baghdad in 1994, and escaped to Turkey again in 1999. The book relates how they spent 2 years and 4 months in Turkey, in limbo, waiting to be cleared to move to Canada. Their paperwork had been lost. In the above photo, Maysoon and Wajid sit in their Saskatoon salon, First Impressions Hair Design, during the filming of their nomination video. They are finalists in the 2016 NEYAs, Newcomer Entrepreneur of the Year awards. The banquet will be held on June 6, 2016. 

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