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At the beginning of March, Prairies North Magazine and Saskatoon HOME Magazine’s Spring issues arrived in subscribers’ mailboxes and on news stands. Each season when the magazines arrive, I make sure to post several new but well-tested recipes to supplement the columns I have written for the magazines. 

In “Maureen’s Kitchen” in Saskatoon HOME Magazine, I write about angel food cakes and eggs. I have added a variety of angel-food-inspired desserts to From the Cookie Jar. If you click on the following titles, you can go directly to the recipe and print, pin, or share it for later use. 

Lemon Angel Food Slice is an easy, make-ahead, refreshing dessert. I have been making this treat since the mid-1970s.

Chocolate Angel Food Cake with Coffee Whipped Cream is a favourite dessert memory from my teen years. 

Recently, I have made a gluten-free Spiced Autumn Angel Food Dessert, and my family loves it. One recipe fits all guests. It tastes like pumpkin pie but is lower in calories, very pretty, and also gluten-free.

In “Eats and Treats” in Prairies North Magazine, I write about the history of Bundt pans and share my favourite spring Bundt cake. In From the Cookie Jar, I share my recipe for Raspberry Bundt Cake, which can be decorated for any season.

You will also love my recipe for Be-Anything Pumpkin Bread, which I received years ago from my friend Marion. You can ice it, serve it with cheese, or top it with whipped cream. Bake it in a Bundt pan as I did, or make muffins, loaves, or layer cakes.

With each recipe, I share a little personal history and I look forward to hearing your comments.

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5 Responses

  1. Oh my, is it ever hard to push away from the table at my house…..the treats just keep coming and coming….I sound like Newman in Seinfeld talking about the mail!

  2. Look forward to refreshing your recipes. Every little one is delicious. Thank you for sharing

  3. Haven’t made an angel cake in a while. I must. All of your cakes look so delish and so well presented!!!!

  4. Might I say that several of these scrumptious treats made their way to our house during a COVID quarantine. I believe they have healing powers and no calories! They are must-make desserts! Yummalicious!!!

  5. Maureen, these look so delicious. I always think of angel food cake either with whipped frosting and Easter bunnies (my Mom made those for her church bazaar) or sliced up with strawberries and whipped cream. Cheer, Pat K

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