Get A Bigger Wagon

The book contains 25 stories about a boy, born with an entrepreneurial spirit, who was allowed to learn from his adventures in and around small town Saskatchewan. Set in the 1950’s, each story is skillfully and sympathetically illustrated by Denyse Klette who, like the author, pays particular attention to the era and the boy who learned so much from these incidents. Over the past year, Maureen interviewed her husband hundreds of times in an attempt to experience the events that helped him become the entrepreneurial man she has been married to for decades. Maureen and her husband had a great deal of fun discussing and writing the little bits of entrepreneurial humor and wisdom found at the end of each story. Recently Maureen shared these thoughts. “My husband is very comfortable in his own skin. I am convinced that his sense of being okay with himself originated with his freedom filled childhood here in Saskatchewan. He learned to dream and to strive confidently toward making his dreams a reality. He still enjoys the journey toward a goal more than attaining it. The prairies provided the perfect growing conditions for such a boy. These are his stories.”

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