Fall visit to St. Dominic School

Maureen Haddock’s visit to St. Dominic began with a tour of the unique features of the school. Maureen thought that the kindergarten room felt like walking into someone’s home. She loved the art corridor, which is an art gallery for the rotating display of student works and creates a sense of calm for all who walk through it. Maureen experienced the peace provided by the Zen Den as she sat there, for a few minutes, prior to her first presentation. 

In the Studio Room, students enjoy working on computers and learn many technical skills. When Maureen arrived at the school, the lights were out to create atmosphere for a student video project. This interested Maureen because of her involvement, along with her husband and their company Trek 2000 Corporation, in Big Centre TV in Birmingham England. 

The students were prepared and well-behaved for Maureen’s three presentations. They had visited the Get a Bigger Wagon website and watched videos on the On Screen site as well as read sample stories. Some had visited archived From the Cookie Jar blogs. They asked good questions. Maureen wished she could have extended her presentations slightly, as she enjoyed the children immensely.  

Maureen looks forward to hearing from some of these students in the future. The teachers, principal, and parents are doing a wonderful job here and can be proud of their students.  

Copies of Get a Bigger Wagon and Get an Even Bigger Wagon are available in their school library.

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