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It is April 16, 2023, and ten years ago today, I sent out the introduction to From the Cookie Jar. This blog started in 2013 on the Get a Bigger Wagon website. Initially, the blog featured three topics: ideas, memories, and vintage recipes. My ideas covered topics from perfume to pantyhose, and my memories varied from dealing with a bully to collecting hankies and autographs. There have been many changes over the past ten years.

The Get a Bigger Wagon website was developed as an extension of the books Get a Bigger Wagon and Get an Even Bigger Wagon. It became more focused on entrepreneurship as our involvement at Edwards School of Business grew. In 2020, I decided to launch Glamour for Grandmothers providing a new home for my more personal writing.

Thanks to two exceptional Saskatchewan magazines, I frequently focus on vintage recipes and home cooking. Sharing recipes in these magazines and occasionally in From the Cookie Jar has kept me smiling. Today, I congratulate Amanda and Rob Soulodre on their special publishing milestones. Prairies North is celebrating its 25th anniversary this spring, and Saskatoon HOME Magazine is celebrating its 15th. That is something to smile about for the Soulodres and Saskatchewan.

Thank you, dear readers, for hanging out with me at either site or contacting me via the magazines. My life keeps evolving, and I smile when I think of all the readers I have kept in touch with over this decade. I randomly send gifts to my involved readers, which I plan to do today. Donna, in Alberta, will receive a silk scarf with a story. Donna has some treasured vintage cookbooks, and we have occasionally shared recipes. Today she is outdoors helping calves come into this world. Isn’t life wonderful?

Happy Spring!

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  1. What a wonderful tribute to a wonderful lady. I enjoyed reading about her life and all her accomplishments.

  2. Maureen, thank you for sharing this beautiful story about Marjorie. Her legacy lives on through your memories and writings.

  3. I feel blessed to have known Marjorie. She was a special lady and your tribute to her is beautiful.

  4. Marjorie sounds like a remarkable woman. Thank you for sharing her story and her influence on your life.

  5. What a wonderful tribute to Marjorie. I enjoyed reading about her and all the great things she did.

  6. Enjoyed the read and I am so very happy to have known Marjorie and her family. She had a great impact on all who knew her. Her positive attitude was infectious.

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